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LG 8KG Front Load Washing Machine - White
Inverter DD for a Powerful Wash with Less Noise With LG Inverter Direct D..
LG 8KG Washer Dryer-White
SAVE ENERGY, SAVE TIME with LG ECO Hybrid Dryer Hybrid dryer can..
LG Dryer 9 KG With 14 Programs - White
LG Dryer 9 KG With 14 Programs - White Specifications Specifications: Model..
LG Washer Dryer 7 KG with TrueSteam
LG Washer/Dryer Front Load 17/9 KG F1255RDS27 - Silver
Inverter Direct Drive Technology In LG washing machine with Inverter Direc..
LG Washer/Dryer Front Load 19/10 KG 1200 RPM FH299RDSU7 - Shiny Steel
The Perfect Fit This LG washer/dryer is perfect for apartments, condos or ..
LG 10KG Non Stop Wash & Dry Washing Machine - White
Technical specification Capacity Wash 8 kg / Dry 5 kg Control panel..
LG 10KG Unique Touch Panel and Stylish Chrome Door Washing Machine
Washer and Dryer in one LG's Washer Dryer is another of our leading appli..
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