Synology DiskStation DS920+ 4 Bay NAS Storage - Tower
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Synology DiskStation DS920+ 4 Bay NAS Storage - Tower

Capacity-scalable NAS with SSD Cache Acceleration Capability

Synology DiskStation DS920+ is an ideal network-attached storage solution designed to streamline data management and productivity. Two built-in M.2 SSD slots and Synology SSD Cache technology allow you to boost system I/O and application performance. With scalable storage design, DS920+ lets you start small and expand storage capacity with the Synology DX517 as your data grows.


  • Accelerated Application Performance : Average 15% performance boost to photo indexing and other computing-intensive operations, as well as database response time.
  • Reach Optimal Performance and Capacity with SSD Cache :Built-in M.2 2280 NVMe SSD slots permit cache acceleration without occupying storage drive bays.
  • Expand Storage with Ease: Flexibly scale up to nine drives to increase storage capacity as demand grows.
  • Empower Collaboration and Productivity:Build an on-premises, multi-user collaboration environment with fine-grained control.
  • Protect and Restore Data in a Snap:Back up critical data and reduce your Recovery Time Objective (RTO) with Snapshot Replication .
  • Ready to Go Virtualized :Set up and run mainstream virtual machines within your Synology NAS.
  • Safeguard Your Physical Assets with 24/7 Surveillance:Feature-rich Surveillance Station with user-friendly management tools.

Streamline Your Data Management Experience

  • Synology DS920+ is a powerful 4-bay desktop NAS that brings you a fast and smooth data management experience, as well as sequential read and write throughput of over 225 MB/s3. It benefits computing-intensive applications, speeding up Synology Drive and Moments by an average 15%2, and boosting Web PHP response efficiency by about 130% compared to its predecessor, making data management simple and efficient.
  • DS920+ comes with two built-in M.2 SSD slots that support Synology SSD Cache technology, allowing you to reduce random I/O response time 20 times compared with mechanical drives without occupying front drive bays. You can add five more drives with Synology DX517 for higher storage capacity.

On-premises Collaboration & Synching Solution

DS920+ comes with Synology Collaboration Suite, the productivity and file sharing solution that powers team collaboration while leveraging the advantages of the private cloud to fully control data and prevent data leaks - through HTTPS support, a built-in firewall, and multiple IP and account intrusion auto-blocking mechanisms.

  • Synology Drive enables data synchronization and backup via web portal and desktop applications across Windows, macOS, and Linux platforms. Intelliversioning saves historical versions while minimizing storage space use and supports on-demand data restoration.
  • Synology Office includes Documents, Spreadsheets, and Slides. Its online editing environment allows multiple users to edit, comment, and share company data simultaneously -- at no additional license fee.
  • Synology MailPlus is a reliable mail server, accessible through an intuitive web-based client, that helps users to manage emails and increase productivity. MailPlus supports deployment in High-Availability clusters.
  • Synology Chat enables instant conversations and optimizes team communications with powerful features including message encryption, pinning, forwarding, reminders, and scheduling.

Establish a Strong Storage Foundation with Btrfs

DS920+ features a Btrfs file system optimized by Synology to offer you high reliability and high performance. Btrfs supports advanced storage technologies that meet the needs of modern business:

  • Advanced snapshot technology provides schedulable and near-instantaneous data protection of shared folders and LUNs
  • File and folder level data restorationoffers users who wish to restore only a specific file or folder more flexibility.
  • Flexible Shared Folders and User Quota System m provide comprehensive quota control on all user accounts and shared folders.
  • File self-healing allows Btrfs file systems to auto-detect corrupted files using mirrored metadata and to recover broken data using RAID configurations.
  • Inline compression compresses data before writing them to the drive, to optimize storage use and reduce write commands to the drives.

Powerful Backup Tools

DS920+ offers users a range of backup solutions for cloud and physical, on-premises environments. Backing up and restoring data is effortless and completely free of licenses on compatible NAS models.

  • Back up your cloud data: Cloud Sync enables users to seamlessly backup or synchronize data between a local Synology NAS and other cloudservices.
  • Back up your PCs and servers:Synology Drive Client backs up your Windows, Mac, and Linux desktop devices to safeguard important computer files.
  • Back up your Synology NAS: Hyper Backup offers a wide range of destinations for backups of your NAS, including on-premises and cloud.

Automated Video Surveillance System

With Synology Surveillance Station, DS920+ can act as a full-featuredm video surveillance system. Simply add network-connected cameras and you can monitor their live feeds, play back recordings, and receive instant event alerts right away.

  • Works with more than 7,300 IP cameras: Pick any compatible model that suits your requirements and budget, or use the LiveCam app to turn an old smartphone into an IP camera.
  • No subscription fee:: Unlike security cameras that require monthly cloud storage subscription, all your recordings are stored on the DS920+, 100% under your control.
  • Remote monitoring & control: Access your surveillance system from a web browser, the desktop client, or the DS cam mobile app anytime, anywhere.
  • Automation & notification: : Set up rules to trigger specific actions when predefined events occur, such as automatically taking snapshots when motion is detected. Get notified by email, SMS, or push notification so that you can intervene in time.

Running & Protecting Virtual Machines

    Synology Virtual Machine Manager (VMM) is an intuitive hypervisor application that lets users easily set up virtual machines and run operating systems including Windows, Linux, and Virtual DSM. With VMM, users can build up a cluster environment with multiple Synology systems while keeping the flexibility to scale out online and migrate virtual machines for load balancing and resource allocation. Disaster recovery features including instant snapshot, replication, cloning, restore and failover help you fully protect each virtual machine and safeguard your digital assets at no additional cost
  • VMM Pro licenses give access to advanced features including remote replication, remote storage migration, high availability and live migration, helping users further minimize the risk of service downtime and manage IT resources with maximum flexibility

Hardware Overview

1. 1 Status indicator | 2. Drive status indicator | 3. Drive tray lock | 4. USB 3.0 port | 5. Power button and indicator | 6. Drive tray | 7. 1GbE RJ-45 port | 8. Reset button | 9. eSATA port | 10.Power port | 11. System fan | 12. Kensington Security Slot

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