Planet Solar Power PoE IP30 Industrial Switch

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Hardware Specifications
Network Connector3-Port RJ-45 for 10/100/1000Base-T 
(2-Port with 802.3at / 802.3af PoE injector function)
Console Port1 x RS-232 RJ-45 serial port
Power Output1 x DC out 24@ 2A maximum (two-pin terminal block)
2 x PoE out 52VDC; max. 30 watts per PoE port
• System (Green)
• Fault (Green)

Per PoE Port (Port 1 / Port 2)
• Link / Active (Green)
• PoE In-Use (Orange)

LAN Port (Port 3)
• 1000 Link / Active (Green)
• 10/100 Link / Active (Green)

Per PoE Interface
• Power LNK/ACT (Green)
• PoE In-Use (Orange)
Power over Ethernet
StandardIEEE802.3at / IEEE802.3af
PortPort 1, Port 2
Power PinRJ-45 Pin# 1/2 (+); Pin# 3/6 (-); PSE End-span
Power Voltage InjectingDC 52V
Consumption30 watts max.; PoE Class 4
Electrical Characteristics
System Voltage RatingsDC 24V
Maximum Charging Current15A
Max. Solar Array VOCDC 60V
Max. Operating VoltageDC 45V
Total Current ConsumptionWhile operating -32Ma
At idle -11mA
High Temperature Shutdown100 degrees C disconnect solar and load
80 degrees C reconnect solar and load
Overload CapacityOver 15 Amp will cut off output load
Battery Charging Characteristics
Charge AlgorithmBulk charge (constant current), absorption charge (constant voltage) and floating charge. Absorption and floating charge with PWM protection.
Maximum Output Current15A
Nickel-cadmium Battery± 40 mV/degrees Celsius for NiCad type batteries, charge cut-off @ 55 degrees C
(Temperature compensation Baseline@ 25 degrees C)
Lead-acid Battery (Default Setting)± 60 mV/degrees Celsius for lead acid type batteries, charge cut-off @ 55 degrees C
(Temperature compensation Baseline@ 25 degrees C)
Float Charge VoltageDC 27.2V (26.0~30.0V)
Absorption Charge VoltageDC 29.2V (28.0~32.0V)
LVD (Low Voltage Disconnection)DC 22.2V (21.0~25.0V)
LVR (Low Voltage Reconnection)DC 24.8V (23.0~27.0V)

Type Switch
Speed 10, 100, 1000
Ports 3
Model Tower

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