Microsoft SQL Server Std 2014 SNGL OLP NL - OLP
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Microsoft SQL Server Std 2014 SNGL OLP NL - OLP

SQL Server 2014 delivers mission-critical performance across all workloads with in-memory technologies built in, faster insights from any data with familiar tools like Excel, and a platform for hybrid cloud that enables organizations to easily build, deploy, and manage solutions that span on-premises and cloud.

SQL Server 2014 has three main editions that are closely aligned with how customers use SQL Server across workloads. SQL Server 2014 delivers licensing that enables you to more easily take advantage of the benefits of public and private cloud through virtualization and license mobility. Our new model provides simplified licensing, flexibility and innovation, and industry-leading total cost of ownership (TCO).

Basic availability and disaster recovery

Standard edition includes two-node failover clustering, log shipping, and peer to peer replication. Move a logical copy of SQL Server databases directly to Microsoft Azure SQL Database for more cost-effective and fully redundant data protection options.


Support for compliance

Easily manage permissions around data access including user-defined server roles to support separation of duties and contained database authentication. Help increase manageability and decrease complexity of database schema through new default schema for groups that allows a default database schema for Windows group user accounts.


Reporting and analytics

Support for multi-dimensional models allows IT to build business logic with Reporting Services. Report Builder 3.0 provides an intuitive report authoring environment. Take advantage of SQL Server predictive analytics in Excel and Visio with the SQL Server Data Mining add-in.


Rich data integration

Integrate data from disparate sources with SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), which includes support for the deployment and administration of ETL tasks such as better tracking of SSIS packet status and the ability to run administration as a separate SQL Server instance.


Improved manageability

SQL Server Management Studio and updated management packs for System Center help you centrally manage your infrastructure. Added support for Windows PowerShell 2.0 automates management tasks, and enhancements to Sys Prep help you more efficiently create virtual machines.


Robust development tools

With SQL Server Data Tools, database development is integrated into Visual Studio and/or available for download to support building next-generation web, enterprise, business intelligence and data-aware mobile applications across on-premises and public cloud.


Rich support for content management


FileTable in SQL Server makes it easier to manage content into FILESTREAM blob storage. Improvements to full-text indexing yield better performance and search functionality. Statistical semantic search technology supports automatic concept extraction and innovative key phrase search options.


Extend any data, anywhere


SQL Server supports relational and non-relational data, including Big Data sources like Hadoop. Customers can extend heterogeneous environments using industry standard APIs (ADO.NET, ODBC, JDBC, PDO, and ADO) across varied platforms including .NET, C/C++, Java, Linux, and PHP.



Things you can do

Run non-mission critical applications

Provide core data management capabilities including high availability, security, scalability and performance for small and medium businesses and departmental applications. With Software Assurance, use unlimited virtualization to support consolidation of mid-size applications.


Deliver standard reporting and analytics

SQL Server Integration Services brings together various types of data while Analytics Services enables you to build models for core analysis and reporting. Reporting Services with Report Builder enable you to build operational reports for small and medium business and departmental needs.


Build rich content management applications

SQL Server makes it easy to manage content as an integrated part of an application with key capabilities such as FILESTREAM, File Table, full text search and semantic search. SQL Server also supports rich spatial capabilities.

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