LG 8KG Washer Dryer-White
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LG 8KG Washer Dryer-White


Hybrid dryer can make low temperature drying with high energy efficiency and gentle care for sensitive fabrics.

LG 8KG Washer Dryer-White

LG 8KG Washer Dryer-White

Inverter Technology

Advanced inverter technology powered by the Inverter Compressor means your dryer performs at a very high energy efficiency level.

Award and Proven

LG 8KG Washer Dryer-White

<LG 8KG Washer Dryer-White

Gentle Care with Low Temperature

Wrinkle Care Clothes are lifted to the top of the drum and then sharply fall to the bottom of the drum. It helped you to get the less wrinkle clothes.

Auto Cleaning Condenser

With LG’s Auto Cleaning Condenser, you no longer have to worry about repeatedly having to vacuum out lint from the dryer so that it properly functions. Inverter pump technology automatically washes out the condenser up to 7 times during the drying cycle, giving you more time for other tasks or even just taking a break!

LG 8KG Washer Dryer-White

LG 8KG Washer Dryer-White

True Steam reduces wrinkle, saves time ironing

True Steam gently but powerfully penetrates fabrics to reduce wrinkles and freshen up clothes. A built-in steam generator creates pure steam that removes allergens, smooths out wrinkles and leaves laundry smelling fresh and clean. Plus, LG True Steam™ makes ironing a breeze or sometimes even unnecessary.

LG 8KG Washer Dryer-White

Basic Specification
Capacity 8kg
Dry Type Condensing
Door Touch LED
Sensor Dry Yes
Speed Dry, Air Dry Yes
NFC Tag On Yes
Smart Diagnosis Yes
Warranty 1 Year

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