iMindMap11 Home & Student mind map - Kuwait
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iMindMap11 Home & Student mind mapping - Kuwait

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Pour new ideas into a self-forming bubble web of thought. Use this space to capture any lightbulb moments you have and get ready to turn them into something great.

iMindMap Home and Student Mind Mapping

iMindMap Home and Student Mind Mapping

DMind Map View

Develop your greatest ideas into a well thought out plan, without losing sight of the bigger picture. Create a Mind Map using Central Ideas, radiating branches and keywords to spark new concepts, spot connections and build on your best thinking.

Brainstorm View

iMindMap is the only Mind Mapping software featuring a free-form Brainstorm View, to help you sort ideas before developing them in a Mind Map. Use sticky notes on an infinite canvas to represent even the most abstract of thoughts digitally.

iMindMap Home and Student Mind Mapping

iMindMap Home and Student Mind Mapping

Creative visuals

Make great looking Mind Maps with our image and Emoji library, our clever Sketch Tool and a range of styles to maximise your Mind Maps. Create customised Mind Maps with Branch Art designs and the Central Idea gallery.

Share your creations

Export your Mind Maps as images, PDFs or share via social media – perfect if you want teachers, classmates or colleagues to see your work. iMindMap also integrates with popular tools such as Google Drive, Evernote and Dropbox.

iMindMap Home and Student Mind Mapping

iMindMap Home and Student Mind Mapping

Multimedia hub

Draw upon resources from an array of channels by adding text notes, web links and files. Add videos, spreadsheets and more to ensure that your every source of inspiration is covered.

Easy navigation

The Outline Panel works in sync with the Mind Map View. Use the Search Filter to locate and organise ideas within the canvas quickly. Your thoughts appear in a list, allowing you to view them with ease.

iMindMap Home and Student Mind Mapping

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iMindMap 11 Features table
Compatible with Windows & Mac Tick Yes
Control Points Yes
Central Image text re-position Yes
Boundaries Yes
Boundaries Yes
Floating Text & Images Yes
Intelligent Printing Yes
Freehand Branches Yes
MultiMaps Yes
Box Branches Yes
Branch Pins Yes
Fast Capture's Bubble Web Yes
Brainstorm View Yes
Draw Relationships Yes
Split Screen mode Yes
Insert Notes Yes
Export as Image & PDF Image Yes
Central Image library Yes
Icon & Image Libraries Yes
Expand & Collapse Yes
Focus In & Out Yes
Emoji library Yes
Icon Manager Yes
SmartLayout Yes
Activate on 1 computer Yes

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