iMindMap 11 Ultimate Plus Mind Mapping Software In Kuwait
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iMindMap11 Ultimate Plus Mind Mapping Software In Kuwait

Buy online iMindMap 11 Ultimate Plus Mind Mapping Software In Kuwait

iMindMap Ultimate Plus gives you our most advanced software, iMindMap Ultimate. Plus, enjoy 6 months of visual task management app, DropTask for Business, and our exclusive Mind Mapping for Business book from the inventor of Mind Mapping, Tony Buzan and creator of iMindMap, Chris Griffiths, in our best value Special Edition Business Bundle. The complete suite of iMindMap features, including Mind Map, Radial Map, Fast Capture, Brainstorm, Time Map and Org. Chart views. Plus, stunning 3D, Presentation View and integrations with popular tools such as Evernote and Google Drive. Purchase iMindMap Ultimate Plus and you will receive your iMindMap Ultimate license via email straight away.

iMindMap 11 Ultimate plus Mind Mapping

iMindMap 11 Ultimate plus Mind Mapping

DropTask for Business

Power-up your productivity with a free 6-month subscription to visual task management app, DropTask for Business. The two-way sync with iMindMap will give you everything you need to turn your ideas into actions. Send individual ideas, or even whole Mind Maps and Time Maps straight into DropTask to transform them into tasks and projects. Schedule tasks, set priorities and update your progress to assess where your time is best spent. The integration works both ways, so if you want to brainstorm more ideas you can send your DropTask tasks and projects back into iMindMap and let your creativity go wild.

Mind Maps for Business

Brought to you the creator of iMindMap, Chris Griffiths, and inventor of Mind Mapping, Tony Buzan, Mind Maps for Business will show you how to apply Mind Mapping to any business challenge, from problem-solving and brainstorming to project planning and presenting. Discover how Mind Maps will help you to think clearly and creatively, make confident decisions, work smarter and more efficient, negotiate and present with impact, as well as develop powerful strategies and plans. Mind Mapping is used by organisations worldwide to create, lead, plan, problem solve and present, and now you too can get to grips with the ultimate tool for business success.

iMindMap 11 Ultimate plus Mind Mapping

Buy iMindMap 11 Ultimate Mind Mapping Software - Kuwait

iMindMap Ultimate Features table
Compatible with Windows & Mac Tick Yes
Control Points Yes
Central Image text re-position Yes
Boundaries Yes
Boundaries Yes
Floating Text & Images Yes
Intelligent Printing Yes
Freehand Branches Yes
MultiMaps Yes
Box Branches Yes
Branch Pins Yes
Fast Capture's Bubble Web Yes
Brainstorm View Yes
Draw Relationships Yes
Split Screen mode Yes
Insert Notes Yes
Export as Image & PDF Image Yes
Central Image library Yes
Icon & Image Libraries Yes
Expand & Collapse Yes
Focus In & Out Yes
Emoji library Yes
Icon Manager Yes
SmartLayout Yes
Activate on 1 computer Yes
Radial Map View Yes
Organisational Chart View Yes
Fast Capture's Bubble Groups Yes
Word document Importer Yes
Time Map View Yes
3D View Yes
Presentation Builder & View Yes
Tags Feature Yes
Save Multiple Presentations Yes
Mind Mapping For Core Business Skills Online Course Yes
Brainstorming That Works Online Course Yes
Create Flowcharts Yes
Project View & Task Panel Yes
Comments & Filtering Yes
Text View Yes
Custom Printing Yes
Integrate with DropTask Yes
Export as Presentation Yes
Export as Project Yes
Export as Pack & Go Yes
Export as 3D Image Yes
Export as Text Document Yes
Export as Webpage Yes
Export as Spreadsheet Yes
Export as SVG Yes
Activate on 2 computers Yes
Activate on 3 computers Yes
6 months of DropTask for Business Yes
Mind Maps for Business (Book) Yes

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