iMeter Smoke Detector 18 Meters
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iMeter Smoke Detector 18 Meters

iMeter – Power & Environmental Monitoring for Data Centres & Racks

interSeptor iMeter is an advanced environmental and power monitoring solution that has been designed to help IT personnel to analyse and reduce power usage in the data centre. The highly accurate data collected can be used to assess whether it is more economical to invest in newer, less power-hungry IT equipment rather than continuing to run existing equipment. The iMeter also allows users to compare power usage data with environmental conditions so power usage can be reduced in a safe and controlled manner.

3 principal components make up the interSeptor iMeter solution:

  • Jacarta Go-Probe Power and Environmental Sensors
  • iMeter Master device with 8 sensor ports
  • iMeter Slave device with 8 sensor ports

iMeter Master & Slave

The iMeter Master module is a 1U rack-mountable Ethernet device with remote monitoring capability via its web browser interface, SNMP, Modbus and RS485. The device is equipped with 8 x sensor ports and 2 expansion ports for connection of iMeter Slave devices. Up-to 496 x Jacarta Go-Probe sensors can be monitored from a single IP address in conjunction with iMeter Slave modules. Each sensor input can also be configured to act as a dry contact relay output for connection to third-party devices and onsite automation.
Each iMeter Slave supports provides 8 x sensor inputs/outputs and is equipped with daisy chain in and out ports for connection to the iMeter Master and/or further iMeter Slave devices using standard cat5 cable up-to 300m in length.

Jacarta Go-Probe Power and Environmental Sensors

The Jacarta range of Go-Probe sensors can be connected to each iMeter Master or iMeter Slave device in any combination to provide full flexibility for your power and environmental monitoring solution. Go-Probe Sensors include:

  • intelliAmp Current Sensor (Amps)
  • intelliAmp Voltage Sensor (Volts)
  • Temperature/Humidity
  • Airflow Sensor
  • Water Leak Detector
  • Smoke Detector
  • Security Sensor (door/window open)
  • Motion Sensor (PIR)
  • Dry-Contact Cable

Virtual Sensors

The iMeter also has a Virtual Sensor feature that allows the device to collect data via SNMP or ModBus. The iMeter has the capacity for up-to 80 x Virtual Sensors all of which utilise the same central notification system meaning that alerts can be sent via Email, SNMP, SMS & Relay Output. Typical uses include:

  • Gathering environmental data from other Jacarta devices to create a central monitoring and alerting hub
  • Integrating existing SNMP-enabled systems such as UPS, VESDA and AC Units to monitor their status from a central location and utilise the iMeter alerting systems in the event of a problem
  • Pinging other network hardware so that alerts can be sent out in the event of downtime

Alerting Matrix

iMeter uses a powerful alert-management interface that enables notification routing to be tailored to all types of organisational requirements. Users can be alerted to problems via:

  • Local on-screen alerts
  • Email
  • Alarm Beacon
  • Dry-Contact Relay Output
  • SNMPset commands
  • SMS text messages (using optional modem)

The alerting matrix allows customised alerts to be sent to key personnel only when required. For example, if a temperature problem is experienced outside of office hours an alert can be sent directly to on-call staff. Users can also define custom escalation procedures helping to ensure that any threats to network infrastructure are dealt with before any serious problems are caused.


The remarkable intelliAmp Current Sensor has been designed to monitor the current draw of racks via 16A and 32A cables. The sensor contains a unique calibration mechanism to enable it to be positioned at the point where the optimal current reading can be obtained. The fact that the sensor simply clips to the cable means no network downtime is required to start monitoring your racks.
The intelliAmp Sensor can be used to track power usage within racks over time to ensure consumption can be gradually reduced as equipment is upgraded. The sensor can allow users to make power usage comparisons between racks and identify the most and least expensive racks to run. By building up a picture of power consumption across the data centre down to rack level, IT personnel can start to effectively manage power usage going forward and make savings where possible.
The flexibility of the intelliAmp Sensor means it can also be used to identify the effect on power consumption of running fans in racks, for instance, or the power implications of running the data centre at a higher temperature. This may help to reduce air conditioning power consumption but may also result in internal fans working harder and an increased power usage in this area. The key point is that the intelliAmp will help you to understand what is happening with the power across your data centre and manage it more efficiently.


The intelliVolt voltage sensor simply connects into one of the iMeter sensor ports and plugs into a mains outlet. Voltage is monitored between 0 and 265v. High and Low threshold settings can be user configured on the iMeter to ensure alarm notification during over or under voltage conditions.


High and low warning and critical temperature and humidity thresholds can be configured in the iMeter to ensure alarms are raised when room or rack conditions are abnormal. The hysteresis configuration facility ensures that alarms are not continually triggered when levels are ‘floating’ around the configured thresholds.

Water Leak

The interSeptor water leak sensor is supplied with 3m or 18m of leak detection cable. The cable can be run under air conditioning units, in ceiling voids, under raised floors, under pipes, and around room perimeters to provide a comprehensive, easy-to-install, leak detection facility.


The unique sensor connectivity design of the interSeptor facilitates installation and monitoring of the smoke detector, especially on ceilings. The cable connection need only be run from the temperature/humidity sensor which will typically already be installed at an elevated level.


The security sensor option is a magnetic reed contact sensor, ideal for monitoring rack or room door access.


The power sensor will detect the presence or otherwise of utility power.


The Universal sensor is an interface cable that can be connected to any device offering an open or closed or high/low output. interSeptor can monitor this output for changes in state and alarm accordingly. The Universal sensor can be connected to equipment such as generators, air conditioning units, printers, UPS, security systems, fire alarm systems, etc.

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