FortiGate FG101F 1 Year FortiConverter Service for one-time configuration conversion service
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FortiGate FG101F 1 Year FortiConverter Service for one-time configuration conversion service

FortiConverter Configuration Migration to FortiOS

FortiConverter Service helps you migrate to the latest version of FortiOS. This service is useful for migrating a pre-existing third-party firewall policy to a new FortiGate appliance, or even an older FortiGate policy to a new one.

  • Reduces migration complexities
  • Eliminates common migration configuration errors
  • Includes change logs to documents that were migrated

FortiConverter Service supports migration of interface NAT, firewall policy and address objects, as well as static routes for third-party vendor configuration to FortiGate configuration. All FortiGate to FortiGate configurations are fully supported.

Managing Migration

Migrating complex legacy firewall configurations to next-generation solutions presents issues and challenges. It may seem relatively simple at a high level, but any experienced security manager knows this is not the case and that proper planning is essential.
For example, a significant firewall migration challenge is NAT. When you migrate to FortiOS, legacy NAT rules often need to be merged. This is non-trivial and getting this wrong usually results in a loss of network connectivity. Fortinet’s vast experience and best practices in routing and NAT is imbedded in FortiConverter Service’s core engine, thus reducing the complexity and common errors when migrating NAT rules.
A one-time service add-on for new FortiGate appliances, FortiConverter Servicemakes the transition process more reliable and predictable, reducing human errors that occur in manual processes, along with timelines and costs. Simply upload the source configuration file to Fortinet, then receive your new, migrated FortiOS configuration file, with accompanying report for documentation and auditing, that you upload to your new FortiGate.
Whether upgrading from a third-party firewall to the latest next-generation FortiGate, or trading in your well-used FortiGate for the latest model, Fortinet believes transitioning to next-generation security platforms should be as simple as possible

FortiConverter Migration Tool

Some organizations planning to perform multiple migrations over a year prefer to purchase a software tool, allowing them to perform and tune their own migration files. Purchased as a subscription for a one-year period, the FortiConverter Migration Tool allows an organization to perform an unlimited number of migrations during the year over the entire FortiConverter library of third-party firewalls, including some fine-tuning to customize the migration file.

Professional Services

Many organizations and consulting services companies use FortiConverter Service for their migration projects, but you may choose to engage Fortinet Professional Services to provide customized consulting services for your migration. By engaging the skills and experience of Fortinet Professional Services, you avoid pitfalls that can befall migration projects.

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