eScan Internet Security Suite for SMB - 1 Year
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eScan Internet Security Suite for SMB - 1 Year

eScan Internet Security Suite for SMB

IT security is a common concern faced by all businesses. Looking at the current situation of the cyber security landscape, evolving threats to network security and the innumerable challenges faced by Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) are significantly similar to large enterprises. SMBs rely on technology and networks as much as any enterprise. Though larger businesses are well equipped with substantial resources to defend against network security threats, SMBs generally cannot afford dedicated resources to handle the security of their network. eScan Internet Security Suite for Small and Medium Business (SMB) with Cloud Security is a specially designed comprehensive security solution to fulfill the needs of SMBs that provides in-depth defense against evolving threats with a very low cost of ownership. The centralized web-based administration console of eScan Internet Security for Windows® helps the network administrator set policies on client computers to prevent malware infections and increases productivity through web access control and application control, thus help implement high levels of IT security to ensure business continuity just as enterprises.

New Secure Web Interface

The new Secure Web Interface uses SSL technology to encrypt all communications. With the new Web-based eScan Management Console (EMC), network administrators can now monitor and deploy a variety of security measures, such as Anti-Malware and Anti-Spam updates, licenses, custom (un)installing and upgrading of eScan modules, enabling or disabling of eScan modules, uninstalling other Anti-Virus software and helps to enforce integrated security policies across the network, all using a browser.

Outbreak Prevention

This allows the administrators to deploy outbreak prevention policies during an outbreak that restricts access to network resources from selected computer groups for a defined period of time. These policies will be enforced on all the selected computers or groups correctly.

Endpoint Security

Administrators can assign privileges to clients on access to the removable devices such as Webcams, CD-ROM, SD Cards, USB Devices as well as composite, Imaging and Bluetooth devices, etc. The device control feature assists you in monitoring devices that are connected to the system in the network. Using the password protection feature, unauthorized USB devices can be blocked. This ensures data theft prevention leaving no scope for misuse of confidential data as well as protection from malware threats through external devices.

Windows Updates

eScan maintains a list of critical Windows Update patches on every computer that are available for free. If the user clicks on “Download Latest Hotfix (Microsoft Windows OS)” option, it checks the computer for missing patches on the OS by matching the installed patches with the released patch list in the database. The missing critical Windows update patches are then downloaded and installed on the computer where eScan is running. The database list is categorized on the basis of the operating system.

Session Activity Report

eScan Management Console monitors and logs the session activity of the managed computers. It will display a report of the endpoint startup/ shutdown/ logon/ log off/ remote session connects/ disconnects. With this report the administrators can trace the user Logon and Logoff activity along with remote sessions that took place on all managed computers.

Asset Management (New)

eScan’s Asset Management module provides the entire hardware configuration and list of software installed / uninstalled on client computers. This helps administrators to keep track of all the hardware as well as software resources installed / uninstalled on all the client computers connected to the network.

Enhanced Firewall on both the Server and the Client

The two-way Firewall with predefined rule sets at the client monitors and logs all incoming and outgoing traffic, according to the policy defined for the client.

Print Activity (New)

eScan comprises of Print Activity module that efficiently monitors and logs printing tasks done by all the managed computers. It provides you a detailed report in PDF, Excel or HTML formats of all printing jobs done by managed computers through any printer connected to any computer locally or to the network such as number of copies printed through any printer, the document name of the printed file, the date on which print was taken (client machine), machine name, along with the username of the computer and it’s IP address. In addition, it also gives a log report of all PDF conversions through PDF converters installed on individual machine connected to the network.

Active Directory synchronization

With this feature, the administrators can synchronize eScan Centralized Console groups with Active Directory containers. New computers and containers discovered in Active Directory are copied into eScan Centralized Console automatically and the notification of the same can be sent to the system administrators

Policy Templates

Policy deployment can be made easy through policy templates; this will allow the administrators to create policy templates and deploy it to the desired managed groups.

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